EpsilonSoft works in new educational technology, addressing, in particular, to the development of tools for evaluation.
EpsilonSoft’s products are the natural response to the need, inside the school world, of flexible timing for the analysis of skills and knowledge, in learning pathways provided by Institutions requirements of recent years.

The multi-platform suite eTutor, EpsilonSoft flagship product, is constituted as an integrated system for the construction, administration and evaluation of summative (i.e. in presence of the teacher) and formative testing.

Built on the core of a, in house produced, freeware test editor, the various components of the software are able to run tests on both the web and the local contexts (Institute’s LAN).

The structuring of the content, teacher training users, the definition of the evaluation standards, take place with the cooperation of major publishers and an extensive network of field trials in different disciplines.