The following table shows the freely installable components and Guides of the package eTutor currently provided in English language.
The whole set of components in Italian language is available into the corresponding download area.

The components are in a self-extracting format: once downloaded and stored on your hard disk, they can be executed with a double click of the mouse (some browsers allow execution of files, automatically, while downloading).
The Android version of the CLIENT component works on tablet with ARM processor and is optimized for 10.1″ display and minimum resolution of 1024×600.

The software components are in compressed format WinZip© (click to download the decompressor from the site WinZip Computing©).

Please check the end user license (EULA) during the installation wizard.

Component Version Release Date Download Description Information
eTutor EDITOR 5.0.0 09/06/2018 WIN
installation note for OSX version
eTutor SERVER 5.0.0 09/06/2018 WIN
DEMO version, upgrade with license
eTutor CLIENT 4.4.0 02/07/2018 WIN
Test examples 01/11/2018 DOWNLOAD Editable Tests with eTutor EDITOR and administrable by eTutor SERVER/CLIENT


Upgrade description

  • eTutor EDITOR

    version 5.0.0

    - Implemented the 5.x format of the question lists (extension .ETEZ).
    - Implemented the topic/subject/competence indicators for each application.
    - Added the permutation function of only the questions with the same indicator.

    version 4.2.1

    - Added the function “copy answer to the next position” for single choice and multiple choice questions.

    version 4.2.0

    - Fixed bug for not selectable text, from the answer/item fields, by dragging the mouse.
    - Fixed the persistence of text selection in passing to another field (item or response).
    - Fixed bug for incorrect copy/paste of text containing formulas.
    - Fixed the incorrect rendering of some special characters in the RTF versions of the Test.
    - Fixed application crash for double formula selection (MathType opening).
    - Modified the background color of the main form and the appearance of some controls.

  • eTutor SERVER

    version 5.0.0

    - Implemented the reading of the question lists with format 5.x (extension .ETEZ).
    - Implemented the topic/subject/competence indicators for each application.
    - Added the permutation function of only the questions with the same indicator.
    - Added display of differentiated scores for questions related to each indicator.
    - Added the visualization of the questions, from the analytical report of the session, by right-click on the question number.
    - Fixed the incorrect display of the title of the “Mark” column in the summary report, after modification of the evaluation parameters.
    - Improved the graphic appearance and the scrolling of the summary and analytical evaluation reports.
    - Enhanced the interface of the main window for the scaling of the session parameters.

    version 4.4.3

    - Added the multiple saving function of the performed Test in printable format.

    version 4.4.2

    - Fixed occasional incorrect management of the maximum number of connections allowed per license.
    - Fixed the incorrect increase in the number of connected stations in the event of an anomaly closing of eTutor CLIENT and subsequent restart.
    - Fixed the occasional erroneous graphic of the answers given to the True/False questions, in the printable prospect for the student.

  • eTutor CLIENT

    version 4.4.0

    - Added management of the global timing of the Test (requires version 4.4.0 or later of eTutor SERVER).
    - Improved rendering of superscripts and subscripts in the text of questions and answers.

    version 4.3.1

    - Fixed the bug for incorrect rendering of some strings containing the “<" character.
    - Improved aspect of the navigation bar between the questions (containing the “Answer” button and the timer).

    version 4.3.0

    - Added the preview of statistics correct/wrong questions, at the end of the Test, on the choice of the teacher.
    - Added offline example Test.